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 The Table Gathered

The Table Gathered Artisan Products are the creation of Chef Alana Jacobs, a true foodie at heart, she is always developing new ideas & flavors to share with her customers to elevate their home dishes.

Hand crafted in small batches, our current line of Artisan Spice Blends & Artisan Flavored Butters pairs well with a variety of dishes both savory & sweet.

Artisan Flavored Butters

Artisan Flavored Butters

Available in both Savory & Sweet varieties

Jerk Butter                       Apple Pie Butter

Scampi Butter                  Pecan Praline Butter

5 Cheese Garlic               Vanilla Honey Butter

Artisan Spice Blends

7 Spice                                   Roucou

Jerk Rub                                 Italian       

Todo                                       Coffee Rub

Artisan Spice Blends
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